Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Yoga

Everyone could use Yoga in their lives. Movements and poses to help align and strengthen your body as well as increase your flexibility. Improve posture, melt away stress, and reduce pain with each class.

Beginner Barre

Build strong legs, glutes, and core while improving posture and increasing bone density. Each class incorporates small isometric movements, which helps put less strain on ligaments and tendons. 


A full body, high paced workout to build strength and endurance. This class uses free weights, bodyweight, step, and stability ball to keep you moving and challenged. 


Break a sweat while busting a move! Increase cardiovascular health and burn calories while performing a mix of low and high intensity dance and fitness moves to Latin inspired music.


A full body, interval training class that incorporates bodyweight, free weights, and high intensity cardio exercises. This class often changes up exercises so you're never bored and your mind and body are always getting a good challenge. 


A classic cardio workout that uses a step to raise your heart rate and strengthen your legs. This class will help you burn calories, improve heart health, and you'll reach your step goal for the day!

Step & Strength

Your classic Step class with a twist, strength training! Enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of step aerobics while incorporating bodyweight and free weight exercises to increase muscular strength. This means you'll burn even more calories even when the class is over!

Strength, Cardio, & Core

This circuit style workout combines strength, cardio, and core exercises to give you a killer workout and an amazing after burn!

Cross Conditioning

High intensity interval training at it's best! This class focuses on cross conditioning with cardio and resistance training to increase overall fitness. 

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